Heat Pump Installation

Over time there has been a progressive inclination among New Zealanders towards heat pumps as a means of heating because of its many obvious distinctive advantages. A heat pump is particularly beneficial in the area of efficacy and comes with the supplementary benefit of being inexpensive.  With a reputation for generating significant levels of energy, heat pumps often come in an extensive assortment of shapes, dimensions, quality and worth.  It is quite common to find that people are indecisive and somewhat confused when trying to make a heat pump purchase. This is often the case because heat pumps come in an extensive variety making quite difficult to make a choice.  In addition to challenge of deciding on which heat pump to buy, people often express worries about the installation of heat pump. Through the course of the exposition, you would be provided with qualitative information on how to make a heat pump purchase that most adequately satisfies your requirement as well as a comprehensive and systematic guide towards heat pump installation.

Understanding the fundamentals about Heat Pumps

It is common knowledge that heat is passed on from greater temperature to a lesser temperature. Heat pump mechanism defies this law making it possible to transmit temperature form the environment into your house with very little energy. Owing to this fact, heat pump transfers heat uninterrupted at a very affordable rate.  In addition to the many remarkable advantages of the heat pump, the settings can also be changed to cool the house during the hot season. When the settings are changed to cooling, the heat pump sucks up all of the warmth out of the house while creating a relaxing indoor temperature.

While a heat pump has numerous advantages, here are some of the most cogent benefits:

  • Durable and requires very little energy for optimum functionality
  • Does not disturb as t makes little or no noise
  • it is suitable and efficient for warming great space
  • it functions creating heat even at lesser temperature
  • it possesses dual functionality as it can cool as well heat

Considerations for choosing a suitable Heat Pump

Undoubtedly, heat pump is a fascinating technology with a remarkable level of efficiency that generates 4 times more heat than conventional heaters. Comparatively speaking, heat pump is more affordable than gas heating as gas heating cost three times more than heat pump. In like manner, electric heating is more expensive costing four times more than heat pump.  With this in mind, making a transition to heat pump heating presents some challenges particularly in the area of selecting the most suitable heat especially as heat pumps comes in an extensive variety of shapes and dimensions. It becomes imperative however to know that size contributes significantly to the level of efficacy, however there are many other considerations such as weather, and the current home insulation.  Here is a list of important considerations that should be closely examined when choosing a suitable heat pump.


Size is one of the most important factors when selecting a heat pump as the size of the heat pump must be commensurate to the size and structure of home.  Determining the size of a heat pump that is ideal often poses a challenge for most people which is why we offer seasoned experts to help you with this phase. Also, you can find out which heat pump size is suitable for your home by using online calculators for measurement.

At Oxygen Air we are effectively positioned to install heat pumps into any home whether old or newly constructed. We are acutely aware of the need to consider your entire heating requirement and would incorporate your requirements against a comprehensive assessment of your home in such a way that fulfills all of your heating expectations.


An increasing number of people are beginning to acknowledge the superiority ad efficiency of heat pumps, its comparative affordability and dual functionality that provides both heat and cooling. However, it becomes absolutely imperative to understand how heat pump works to cool and heat homes which would bring us to the importance of surrounding temperature. It is important to consider the surrounding temperature before selecting a heat pump as heat pumps functions by utilizing the temperature in the environment. For instance, in a cold season, heat pumps would draw heat form the air, ground and water to heat homes, the reverse is the case in hot temperatures. However, environments with temperatures that is very extreme, for example an environment with subzero temperature would require a very big heat pump when compared with other environments for effective results.


Insulation is an important consideration that must be carefully examined and implemented before the installation phase. Effective insulation is a perquisite for heat pump to function effectively. Correct insulation covers the house environment well enough to prevent heat from wasting through openings such as windows, ceiling and other openings.

When the home insulation is inferior and inadequate, there would be rapid heat loss which would necessitate the need for a big heat pump which is also expensive. When you have   correct insulation, the rate at which heat is wasted would be significantly low, which would mean that a small heat pump is suffice. On the other hand , when insulation I not correctly done, there would be an alarmingly high rate of heat wastage requiring a much bigger heat pump to heat the house and more expenses because big heat pumps cost more than smaller ones.

Minimal noise

One of the distinctive advantages of the heat pump is that it produces minimal noise and there are even quieter modern inverter pumps for you to choose form. When compared with conventional heaters, the heat pump generate very low noise and this is attributed to the fact that conventional heaters work by  producing  air that impacts on the grille while pushing it way out of the heater.  Heat pump overcomes this challenge completely while creating noise that is insignificant and dismissive.

Installing a heat pump

After making an informed heat pump selection against careful considering of various factors such as temperature of the environment, insulation and size, you would now move on to setting up the heat pump. Setting up the heat pump in your home would always require electrical and plumbing efforts by experts to make the home fit for optimum functionality of the heat pump. One of the biggest concerns during the setting up process is to ensure that the heat pump is placed strategically for balanced diffusion of heat. It is important to ignore monetary restrictions when trying to set up your heat pump as a cheap setup often constitutes challenges later on.

Requirements for effective installation

There are fundamental requirements for an effective installation that would provide quality heating and cooling for a very long time. The first consideration for an effective installation is to make sure that the technician is either skilled at refrigeration or is a competent electrician. Preferably, expertise in both fields may be required as a detailed knowledge of these fields would equip the technician with an in-depth understanding on how to place the heat pump strategically. While there are many options available for the placement of heat pump in home, experts are the most competent with a clear cut idea of the most effective place to position a heat pump in the home for maximum operation.

In addition to the expertise that these specialists possess, they also have equipment which can help to facilitate the entire installation process with remarkable efficiency. In most cases, experts often spend very little time installing a heat pump, such as the installation is both indoor and outdoor. While typical installation processes may last for 4 to 5 hours, there are complicated installation processes that may require as much as one day or exceed one day.   It is highly recommended that you investigate the price of installation as well as the time frame it would require before embarking on the process.

Cost of installing a heat pump

There are many deceptive companies and individuals offering ridiculously cheap installation fee. Do not be deceived as heat pump installations are usually a little pricey. Before embarking on the installation process, it is advisable that you investigate the credibility of the company and make certain that every financial arrangement is well documented with the estimate fee for setup inclusive.  The fee for setting up heat pump varies, with some installation processes being pricier than others.

Installation rate is determined by the following:

  • the largeness of the heat pump
  • the type of wiring being employed
  • distance of  the pipe linking interior and external units
  • The amount of capping required to shelter pipes as shield
  • How much feet and pavers would be required for the external units
  • Drain requirements

Once the installation process has been finalized, it is imperative that you obtain an Electrical Code of Compliance certificate from your qualified electrician. This certificate has to be preserved with care as it stands as proof of compliance with New Zealand's contemporary safety criteria.

Heat Pump Maintenance 

The upkeep of your heat pump is a very crucial aspect of owning a functional heat pump. After going through all of the stress required for selecting a suitable heat pump coupled with the expenses of installation, it is only ideal that you are able to maintain the heat pump in such a way that obviates complications. Here are some guidelines on how to install heat pumps:

  • You should clean the filters frequently and change filters when necessary
  • Avoid congestion of outdoor unit with snow and dirt
  • Clean the coil of outdoor unit
  • Do not allow bushes to gather around the heat pump as it could obstruct airflow
  • Ensure to flush and remove water form condensate pan before use
  • Periodic inspection by a certified expert is required annually

If you would like to find out more about heat pump installation in Auckland make sure to contact us. We would help you understand every process while equipping you with all of the information you need to make informed decision that fulfills all of your heating and cooling expectations.

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