Ducted Heat Pumps / Air Conditioners

Call Oxygen Air on 0800 85 40 85 for your ducted heat pump, also referred to as a central heating and cooling system.

Our ducted systems are the ultimate in comfort, creating the perfect even temperature throughout your home at the touch of a button. They enhance your home lifestyle and because the indoor unit is totally concealed, usually within a ceiling void, they deliver heating and cooling that’s a beautiful experience, and yet virtually invisible.

Ducted systems are surely the ultimate in comfort. Placement of furniture is not a problem with a ducted system as the indoor unit is typically installed in the ceiling void and discreet ceiling diffusers deliver warm or cool conditioned air throughout your home. The return air grille contains a washable filter that filters the circulated air passing through it. This means that your room is not only the perfect temperature, but dust and dirt particles are removed too.

Oxygen Air are Auckland's ducted specialists and have been installing ducted heat pump systems for more than 8 years. Call us today for a free ducted system quote.

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