What is so great about Heat Pumps?

Heat Pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling devices available. This means your new heat pump is likely to reduce your heating costs in winter if you have been using oil heaters or fan heaters. Not only that, heat pumps will heat or cool a far greater area in your home and much faster. Heat pump running costs start from as little as 60 cents for 8 hours, depending on your heat pump and how much you pay per kW from your electricity supplier. Buying a new heat pump / air conditioner can be daunting but it doesn't have to be. Call Oxygen Air on 0800 85 40 85 for free heat pump advice. We will guide you through the heat pump selection process to ensure you end up with the right heat pump for your home or office. Heat pump sizing is important as is the positioning of your heat pump. Our trained heat pump installers will install your new Fujitsu or Panasonic heat pump with a minimum of fuss so you can start using your heat pump straight away. Ordinarily we can install your heat pump within 7 days from order.

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