Mouldy, wet homes are a thing of the past with Aspen Ventilation Systems - the only ventilation brand in New Zealand to offer a comprehensive 7 Year Warranty on parts and installation.

At Aspen we realise that a dry home, is a healthy home. The Aspen ventilators have been manufactured with this fundamental condensation removal necessity in mind. Both the Aspen VS and the Aspen VR series are very effective in controlling condensation build up within the home, however it is important to first establish where the current condensation originates from.

Our team will help you decide the very best Aspen Ventilation solution for your home or office with our Positive Pressure and Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery Ventilation systems to ensure clean, filtered air is distributed throughout your home.

Call our team today for a free site visit and ventilation quote on 0800 85 40 85.


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